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Head of product

Bournemouth, UK

Up to £50,000 PA DOE + Benefits + Bonus

A world class communicator to lead our team of project managers and developers in the creation and management of our systems.

We build all our systems internally. From customer facing websites, to self service applications to the full suite of internal systems needed to run a lending business. We want to do this exceptionally well. This role is for a leader of that function. We believe communication is the number 1 skill, but you will also need to have excellent understanding of systems, project management and development. 30% of your time will be spent with stakeholders understanding and contributing to the business priorities. The other 70% will be spent with your team of project managers and developers implementing the solutions required by the business to fuel growth around the world. This is a senior role and is not for the faint of heart.

Communication – You will be familiar with managing upwards and very proactive in keeping multiple stakeholders informed. You will be equally comfortable with leading a team and possess the ability to cover an unreasonable amount of bases at any given time.

Prioritisation – You will have 150 things to do. Only 100 are possible. You must know which 50 not to do, this is vital to success.

Technical Understanding – You will need to be able to understand the inner workings of a complex and sizeable system. You do not need to be a developer, but you must be capable of storing logic in your brain and really knowing how stuff works.

Leadership – You will be responsible for the leadership, hiring and firing of our team of project managers and developers. You must be able to lead and inspire, but also measure, manage and develop people.

Big Picture View – You must be able to differentiate between the short term urgent work and the long term important work. Get this balance wrong and we will be in a nice car with a great paint job when the brakes fail and we drive off the cliff.

Results Orientated – Delivery and stability are the outputs of a software system. You will take responsibility for the output of the software and know that results are what matter.