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Jr Project Manager – Special Projects

Bournemouth, UK

Up to £25,000 PA + Bonus + Benefits

Perfect for a “jack of all trades” – the real key to this role is being curious with follow through.

We like to move fast and are very ideas led. A special projects JPM will be deployed on ideas and opportunities as they present themselves. This is real startup stuff, where you will be given an idea and you will need to turn it into reality with limited resources and time. Do it, and you’re our new hero.

Vision – Spotting opportunities and seeing how they can work in our business is a hard skill. So being very open minded is vital.

Research – only great researchers can do this. You have access to all the information known to mankind. But using it right is a hard skill – get it right and you can do anything.

Relentless – when you try to do something new everyone says “no” – not taking no for an answer and finding a way over, through or round is the only way to do this role.

Hunger – All JPM roles at Tando (in fact all roles) demand first class work ethic. We give great opportunities to people, but they must be desperate to make the most of them at all times.

Development – We invest heavily in all our team, but especially our JPM’s – we want the junior people we hire today to be our leaders and Directors of the future. We will invest in your development if you commit everything you’ve got to us!