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Operations Lead

Bournemouth, UK

£30,000 – £35,000 DOE + Bonus + Benefits

You demand the highest of standards and know that customer experience is critical. You can “do” as well as “teach” and always lead by example.

We have remote operational teams around the world. Each country has a remote team leader who audits, trains and coaches our agents. We have continuous personal development and E-learning solutions as well as internal business systems to actually do the job . Our operational teams are responsible for new customers as well as existing customers. This role is to lead that operation and take responsibility for its performance. This role is 100% for someone who leads from the front and gets involved. It is not for someone who just wants to tell others what to do and does not think they should have to look after things themselves.

Standards – You will have a very high bar for what good is. We are fully committed to incredibly high standards and we want someone who sees that the same way we do

Leadership & Engagement – Running a remote operation requires excellent communication, leadership and engagement skills. You need to make people feel like a team when they have never physically met.

Management – You will be an excellent manager. You will be comfortable with using different management styles and techniques depending on the requirement. You will be able to turn around performance when needed.

Recruit – You will be responsible for recruiting and retaining nothing but the very best people for the job. We have a substantial recruitment process that will provide candidates to you, but making sure you have the right people will be all you.

Numbers – Operations run on tight SLA’s. You will be responsible for cost control and meeting business targets.

Coach – We want someone who likes to listen to customers, review customer experiences and actually coach and develop. This role will spend 50% of the time working with agents and team leaders making them better on the phone and with customers. You must have significant experience in contact centre management and coaching.

Language – We operate in different countries that speak different languages – this is challenging, but you do not actually need to be able to speak all languages to do this job well (An English speaker has been doing this job to date)