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Start and grow your
own business, and let
our strengths
become yours!

Reinventing the startup

Many people have the values and skills to be self-made entrepreneurs. But some just have not discovered the right industry or met the right people.

We accept people who desperately want to create a scalable, profitable business and are willing to do whatever it takes.

You also need to be smart, creative and have a healthy disregard for the impossible.

This is a Bournemouth based programme.

We provide office space, accommodation, food & drink for 3 months.

We will pay you up to £500 per month for basic living expenses.

We teach you an industry.

We invest seed capital.

You start a business.

We help you grow it.

You get 50% of what you create.

We get a 50% stake in your new Startup

Designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs

Designed for
by entrepreneurs

The incubator is brought to you by Tando in partnership with Richmond Group.

Tando is one of the fastest growing Fintech startups in the world. Led by Michael Pursey – a Bournemouth based Entrepreneur with over 15 years worth of startup experience.

Richmond Group is led by James Benamor. One of the UK’s most successful businessmen of the past 20 years. James and Richmond group have started more than a dozen multi-million pound ventures in the past 20 years – and your’s could be next!

Both Michael and James are mentors for wannabe entrepreneurs in the Incubator – providing their expertise, industry knowledge and guidance for new startups.